Doodle Army Boot Camp

Doodle Army Boot Camp 1.4

Experience a stick figure war


  • Lots of action all the time
  • Variety of weapons


  • Frustrating controls
  • Repetitive


Doodle Army Boot Camp is a mix of distance game and a shoot 'em up. The overall goal is to survive as long as possible using the various weapons available, but a lot of the time, you are just trying to navigate the level.

With a title like Doodle Army Boot Camp, you are safe in assume that stick figures are the main characters. This allows the game to add other horrific effects like stick men blowing up and flying apart after being riddled with bullets. Gameplay is simple, move as far as possible while defeating enemies who are trying to stop you.

Doodle Army Boot Camp gives you a lot of weapons to use like grenades, pistols, and different rifles, each with limited ammunition. When you run out, the game automatically switches weapons.

The main issue with the game is that movement in the game is really frustrating. Doodle Army Boot Camp gives you the standard button layout of up, down, left, and right; but actually moving in a diagonal direction is really difficult. It is increasingly annoying when multiple enemies are shooting you and you are soaking up damage. Enemies drop health, but you will probably spend more time jumping while you almost die. If you can get used to the controls, you can get pretty far in Doodle Army Boot Camp, but get used to being killed because of the the controls.

Doodle Army Boot Camp is a simple game that combines easy action with frustrating controls.

Doodle Army Boot Camp


Doodle Army Boot Camp 1.4

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